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At factories, warehouses and construction sites in Austin and throughout Texas, thousands of forklifts are lifting, moving, and depositing tons of materials. It takes a lot of power to do this heavy work, and it takes a lot of training and skill to operate a forklift safely. But accidents involving these large, complex, and dangerous machines, which can weigh up to 9,000 pounds and travel at speeds of up to 15 MPH, happen all too frequently and injure and kill workers at a rate that far exceeds other types of workplace accidents.

Almost 100,000 Forklift Injuries Every Year

Every day, approximately 856,000 forklifts are in operation across the United States, and according to statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 11 percent of those forklifts will be involved in an injury-causing accident. OSHA statistics also reveal that:

  • Forklift accidents injure almost 97,000 Americans every year.
  • Of those accidents, 34,900 resulted in serious injuries and permanent disability.
  • An average of 85 Americans dies in forklift accidents each year.

What makes these statistics particularly disturbing is the fact that almost all forklift accidents and injuries can be avoided if operators receive the proper training and employers follow all applicable safety and maintenance rules and regulations. When workers operate forklifts negligently or employers fail to meet their obligations regarding forklift safety, and those failures lead to injuries or death, the workers and families who suffer as a result need and deserve compensation for their losses.

At Sandoval James, we represent victims of avoidable forklift accidents that arise from negligence, carelessness, or blatant disregard for worker safety. With a deep commitment to our clients’ well-being, we pursue all avenues of compensation on behalf of injured Texas workers with exceptional legal skill and a tireless work ethic.

Why Forklifts Injure and Kill So Many Workers

It isn’t easy or intuitive to safely operate a forklift. It requires care, caution, and a constant awareness of nearby people and objects. But all kinds of operator negligence can lead to accidents, including:

  • Driving too fast;
  • Employee horseplay;
  • Unbalanced or inadequately secured loads;
  • Improper turning, braking, or other driving conduct;
  • Backing-up when unsafe; and
  • Failing to account for low clearances, narrow corridors, and the presence of other workers.

But operators aren’t always responsible when things go tragically wrong with a forklift. Employers have a responsibility to ensure safe forklift use and maintenance and keep a safe work environment, but they often fail to do so by such negligent conduct as:

  • Failing to provide proper training;
  • Failing to maintain the forklift;
  • Not adopting and enforcing clear safety rules; and
  • Failing to provide a safe work environment for forklift operation.

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If you are one of the tens of thousands of Americans injured in a forklift accident every year, you may be able to obtain significant compensation for your injuries and losses. But getting that compensation requires skilled and experienced attorneys with the dedication to get the job done. At Sandoval James, we help hard-working Texans like you get the maximum amount of compensation available for your on-the-job injuries or the death of a loved one in a forklift accident.

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