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There are headlines, and then there are stories. When it comes to immigration, the headlines come fast and furious: reforming the law, building a wall, granting asylum to refugees, issuing more visas for tech workers. There are few subjects today that are in the news more.

But the practice of immigration law isn’t about the headlines. It is about the stories of individuals and families trying to build better lives. It is about helping companies find and keep the employees they need and helping those workers advance their careers. It is about counseling and assisting people who may face the prospect of separation from their loved ones or a life lived every day with fear and anxiety about the threat of deportation.

A Passion for Protecting Those Pursuing the American Dream

As a law firm co-founded by a refugee and the son of immigrants who settled in Texas to build a better future for their family, Sandoval & James is passionate about protecting the rights of immigrants.  We are committed to ensuring that every person pursuing the American Dream receives a fair opportunity to do so. We will fight relentlessly to keep families together, reunite loved ones, and facilitate employment opportunities for our clients.

Individuals around the world journey to our shores for the chance to experience personal liberty, economic opportunity, and a better way of life. The Austin immigration lawyers at Sandoval & James help give them that chance.

Committed Representation for All Immigration Matters

Our full-service immigration law firm can assist you no matter what your immigration issues or concerns may be. The laws, rules, and regulations that impact the lives of millions of people are notoriously complex and in constant flux. The current administration’s approach to immigration means that even the slightest mistake or oversight can put your status at risk. While immigration courts may be overcrowded and backlogged, you can still get steamrolled; in the blink of an eye, a decision can be made that can impact the rest of your life.

As your allies and advocates, we will protect you from such injustices. We can answer your questions, ease your worries, and provide you with the representation you need to move forward with confidence and security.

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When it comes to immigration matters, your life, your family, and your future can all hang in the balance. Don’t face these challenges alone. To arrange for your free initial consultation to discuss your immigration situation, please contact Sandoval & James by calling us today at 512-382-7707 or contacting us online. We look forward to the opportunity to help you.