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While there are plenty of differences between men and women, how they are treated in the workplace shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, despite decades of laws prohibiting gender discrimination in employment, companies, managers, and employees still engage in such conduct. Discrimination on the basis of sex can stifle careers, unfairly damage professional reputations, and be the source of emotional and psychological trauma.

When employers engage in, allow, or fail to address gender-based employment discrimination, they need to be held accountable. The victims of their misconduct need to be able to assert their rights under the law and receive the relief that can cure this injustice and compensate them for their losses.

You Shouldn’t Tolerate Discrimination Because of Your Gender. We Make Sure You Don’t Have To.

At Sandoval James, we are fierce advocates for all hard-working Texans, men and women alike. We know the law, and we know the ways employers try to cover-up or avoid responsibility for discrimination. They’ll say a decision not to hire a woman was based on anything other than her gender when that is manifestly untrue. They’ll claim they were unaware of a co-worker’s constant harassment of a colleague despite complaint after complaint. We’ve seen all the tricks, and we don’t let employers get away with illegal discrimination. You have our commitment to fight tirelessly for your rights, your career, and your dignity.

Several laws at the federal, state, and local levels prohibit workplace gender discrimination and provide remedies to aggrieved employees. While both men and women can be victims of gender discrimination, the majority of cases involve females, and specific laws also address discriminatory practices unique to women, such as discrimination based on pregnancy or child care.

Fierce Advocates for Unfairly Treated Men and Women

Our employment discrimination attorneys have extensive experience with all laws, rules, and regulations that govern workplace gender-based employment discrimination, including claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation under:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • 42 U.S. Code §1981
  • The Texas Labor Code
  • The City of Austin Employment Ordinance
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act

Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. It can manifest in hiring, firing, promoting, compensating, suspending, and reviewing employees, or in treating them differently in any way because of their sex. Here are a few examples of prohibited gender discrimination in employment:

  • A company doesn’t hire a woman because the company’s clients prefer dealing with men.
  • A company lays off a woman, supposedly because of downsizing, but all the similarly situated male employees keep their jobs.
  • Less experienced male co-workers get promoted ahead of more qualified and accomplished women.
  • A male co-worker was able to go on paid medical leave while a female employee had to use vacation time for her pregnancy.
  • Supervisors or co-workers create a hostile work environment by making unwanted sexual or lewd comments or touching inappropriately and fail to take any action despite complaints and notifications about such conduct.

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Every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and all employees should be judged based on their abilities and the quality of their work, not their genders. If you believe that your employer has discriminated against you or mistreated you in whole or in part because of your gender, you should take a stand. But you don’t have to stand alone. Asserting your rights and obtaining justice and compensation for you is what we do at Sandoval James. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and explore how we can help you.

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