Employment Discrimination

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If you work hard, if you do your job with integrity, commitment, and competence, your employer should value and treat you accordingly. When companies make decisions about hiring, compensation and advancement or, conversely, discipline and termination, they should do so on the basis of the employee’s performance and the content of his or her character. They should not and cannot make such decisions and take actions based on an employee’s race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or any other basis prohibited by federal, Texas, or local law.

We Don’t Tolerate Discrimination Against Hard-Working Texans

When hard-working Texans face prohibited discrimination in the workplace, it threatens not only their abilities to earn a living and support their families — it robs them of their dignity and rights under the law. At Sandoval James, we don’t tolerate such conduct. Our Austin employment discrimination attorneys are fierce advocates for workers who face hostile work environments or who have seen their careers unjustly impacted by prejudice or illegal discrimination.

We hold employers accountable for their misconduct and mistreatment, and we protect the careers, reputations, and futures of those they have wronged. If you believe you were a victim of employment discrimination, we welcome the opportunity to fight for you and pursue compensation and all available remedies on your behalf.

Employment Discrimination Takes Many Forms

Prohibited discrimination against protected classes of job-seekers and workers can take many forms, and not all acts of discrimination are easy to identify. Employment discrimination can arise in a wide range of contexts, including:

  • Unfair recruitment practices.
  • Prohibited pre-employment inquiries.
  • Discriminatory hiring practices.
  • Differing terms and conditions of employment.
  • Discrimination in job assignments, promotion, and advancement.
  • Discrimination in levels of compensation and availability of benefits.
  • Discipline and discharge based in whole or in part on prohibited reasons.
  • Failure or refusal to make reasonable accommodations for disability or religion.
  • Engaging in or failing to take preventative or remedial action as to sexual harassment or a hostile work environment.

Asserting Employee Rights Under All Applicable Anti-Discrimination Laws

Multiple laws govern how employers can treat their workers and protect employees from discriminatory practices. Not only are companies subject to federal law, but the state of Texas and individual cities have their own laws and ordinances involving discrimination. Not all laws provide the same protections, so it is essential to hire attorneys who understand how these statutes interact and what remedies may be available. For example, Texas state law does not protect workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation, but the city of Austin does.

Our employment discrimination attorneys have extensive experience with all laws, rules, and regulations that govern workplace discrimination, including claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation under:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • 42 USC §1981
  • The Texas Labor Code
  • The City of Austin’s Employment Ordinance
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act

We provide committed and experienced representation for workers who suffer any form of prohibited harassment, including discrimination based on:

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If a company has treated you unjustly and you believe that you were a victim of discrimination, you have rights and remedies under the law. Asserting those rights and obtaining justice and compensation for you is what we do at Sandoval James. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and explore how we can help you.

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