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Our firm fights and wins if you are injured and in pain regardless of the property damage. Have you been rejected by a law firm for low property damage? Give Sandoval & James a call right now if you’re in pain, we have highly qualified attorneys available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Most law firms will turn away people regardless of how much pain they may be in simply because the property damage isn’t extensive. We care about people, not property damage.

  • 40,000.00 and $45,000.00 Settlements

    Car Wreck, Head and Soft-Tissue Back Injury

    Our clients were rear ended by a drunk driver. The drunk driver left the scene with handcuffs, and our clients left the scene with injuries and in pain. One client suffered a back compression fracture, and the other suffered concussion. There were three other vehicles involved in this car wreck but our firm worked efficiently and fought to earn our clients the compensation they deserved for their pain and suffering before the policy limits were maxed out. The driver received $45,000.00 and the passenger received $40,000.00. If there are other vehicles involved and they file claims and settle out maxing out the policy limits, you will not be able to reach a settlement of your own. It is crucial to call a law firm as soon as you’re in a car wreck for this exact reason. Call Sandoval & James so we can begin fighting for you as soon as possible.

  • $50,000.00 Settlement

    Car Wreck, Soft-Tissue Back Injury

    Our client was stopped at a red light when a person reversed into the front of their vehicle. Our client suffered four disc herniations and sprained ligaments in their cervical spine. The defendant’s insurance company initially denied liability but we fought them and were able to settle for the maximum amount allowed by law according to the person’s policy limits, $30,000.00. Due to the severity of our client’s pain, we then went filed an underinsured motorist claim and settled for an additional $20,000.00.

  • $170,000 Settlement

    Car Wreck, Head and Soft-Tissue Back Injury

    Our client was rear-ended by an uninsured driver while driving for a car-sharing company. Our client suffered a concussion and a cervical disc de-placement. Even though the person was uninsured, we fought to get our client the compensation in the amount of $170,000.00 they were entitled to for the pain and suffering caused by a negligent driver.

  • $450,000 Settlement

    Car Wreck, Soft-Tissue Shoulder and Soft-Tissue Back Injury

    Our client was stopped at a red light when another driver rear-ended our client. They suffered suffered extensive shoulder and back injuries. Their left shoulder was diagnosed with traumatic arthropathy, along with three ‘disc de-placements’ in their back. These type of injuries will cause severe pain from the onset and have a high probability of causing flare-ups in the future. Our firm was able to obtain a $450,000.00 settlement for the pain and suffering caused from this car wreck.